Companies I've Helped Build

I'm lucky to work with an amazing team on interesting projects both locally and around the world. We're always looking for passionate and talented people to join us. If that's you, send me an email.

A multi-platform network that uses mentorships, hands-on experiences, and self-learning to improve skill development and guarantee jobs at net-zero cost.

Wedding and event venues in the world's most beautiful places – No venues fees plus free open bar, chef-prepared meals, wedding planners, and more.

Commonplace Journals are pocket-sized self-learning guides designed to help you learn faster, work better, and develop habits to reach any goal.


Private military-grade defense, evacuation, and supply services

Air-based tactical teams provide defense, evacuation, and supply services to individuals and groups in response to civil unrest and shortages following major disasters.

Off Path Venues

Outdoor entertainment and event venues in beautiful places

Gather with friends or family in your own private spaces while enjoying the best live entertainment, local events, and food and drink that your city has to offer.

Commonplace Journal

Cutting-edge virtual production stages for any budget

LED stages powered by Unreal Engine enable in-camera shooting of virtually any environment imaginable for affordable, fast, and reduced contact projects of any size. - from Hollywood to Youtube.